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AEA Hockey Glossary


An abbreviation of 'An Edge Above'
Used to describe a star-player put on a line with two players of lesser skill to try and make them look better.
A lousy player who always seems to have his ankles bent.
Bonnet, Bucket and/or Lid:
A hockey helmet.
When a player puts his stick between another player’s legs and twists.
A celebration, typically done after scoring a goal.
Cherry Picker:
Player who hangs out in his opponents zone awaiting a long pass. (ie. Brad Schultetus)
Getting irritated with one another, usually on the brink of fighting.
To talk trash.
Clapper and/or Slapper:
A slapshot.
Coast to Coast:
When a player carries the puck from his own net all the way to his opponent’s and scores.
Dekes and/or Dangles:
Misdirecting an opponent while handling the puck. A deceptive movement or feint that induces an opponent to move out of position. OR the best weather affected pond hockey tournament in West Michigan.
A 10-minute misconduct penalty.
Donny Brook:
A Fight.
Dropping the Mits:
Fighting in a hockey game.
Dump and Chase:
A tactic where players dump the puck into the opposition zone and then attack on a forecheck.
A player who takes on the role of discouraging the opposing team from harassing his goal scoring teammate by imposing the threat of physical harm.
Five Hole:
The area in between the goalie’s legs.
A rough, intense game.
Gordie Howe Hat Trick:
When a player registers a goal, an assist and a fight in one game.
An abbreviation of 'Grand Rapids Hockey League'. The official traveling rec-league of An Edge Above.
Grinder and/or Mucker:
A player who digs deep, hustles to make plays.Usually better known for checking and disruption rather than scoring ability. Like a lineman in football, he works hard but rarely gets recognized for his hard work.
Hash Marks:
The lines coming out of the faceoff circles providing a guide to where players should be lined up.
Hat Trick:
Scoring three goals in one game.
An abbreviation of 'Hall of Fame'
A loser. Originated from the pre-Zamboni days when the losing team had to hose off the ice. (ie. Hoser Rule in Dekes & Dangles)
House Team:
A team put together by the tournament organizers to complete a bracket with an odd amount of teams. There has only been one team to win it all as a house team, The Knights in 2005.
An abbreviation of 'John English Memorial Cup'. The JEMC is our 30+ Bracket at the Silver Puck Challenge.
A quick, well-placed shot.
Light the Lamp:
Score a goal so the siren flashes.
Taking a hard shot right off the pass without pausing to receive it.
Playing the Point:
When a defender positions himself in front of the blue line near the boards in order to keep the puck in his offensive zone.
The ice rink.
Puck Bunny:
A girl who is more interested in getting the player’s attention than watching the game.
Skater who just stands still and is as easy to skate around as an orange cone. (ie. Fred Iacovoni)
A case of beer.
A beauty of a pass for a goal, a great assist.
Schultetus Tip:
It's when your team is tied, there is less than 5 seconds left in the game and your own teammate tips the puck past your goaltender and you lose
A goalie with a lot of “holes” meaning he allows a lot of goals.
Sin Bin and/or Shark Tank:
The penalty box.
When a player kicks the legs out from behind an opponent. A very dirty play in hockey.
The middle area in front of the net.
Player with an accurate shot who often scores from a distance.
An abbreviation of 'Silver Puck Challenge'
The Gate:
When a player is ejected from a game.
The Show:
The National Hockey League.
Top Shelf:
To put a goal in the upper part of the net.
Wrap Around:
To come from behind the net and squeeze the puck past the goalie.
Michelle Looyenga says:
" The Silver Puck Tournament is excellent, I have played in the Coed bracket for the last two years and enjoyed every game. "