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AEA - Player Card Sponsors



The information on this page is primarily for the players of our events. Sponsors can get their information at the link below.

All players that desire to play in an AEA Event needs to register. We use your registration for a couple of reasons; 1) AEA Salary Cap System 2) AEA Hall of Fame Eligibility. Now, we are adding the opportunity to earn sponsorships towards your tournament entry fees. All players that register with AEA are instantly given an online AEA Player Card. These cards can be used by captains to build their team within the standards of the AEA Salary Cap System, and provide our players with specials/deals from our sponsors.

3 step process

Step 1) Make sure you are a registered AEA Player. You must be 18 years of age to register. You only need to do this ONE (1) time: Registered Players | Register Now

Step 2) If you would like to be sponsored, please print off our AEA Player Card Sponsor form and present it to potential sponsors: AEA Player Card Sponsor (PDF)

Step 3) If you find a sponsor, assist them with signing up for the AEA Player Card Sponsorship program: AEA Player Card Sponsor Sign Up

ENJOY . . . the benefits, product and services of our AEA Player Card Sponsors and play in our AEA tournaments for FREE or at a Discounted Rate: Find Your Card

sponsorship details

Below you will see the breakdown of the sponsorships, and how they will benefit you and all the players of the AEA.

sponsorship value

A sponsorship is worth $27.50 towards a tournament/tournament weekend. It will be broken down into three (3) partial payments if wanted to enjoy all our events at a discounted rate, OR you apply a full payment to one (1) tournament/tournament weekend and a half (1/2) payment towards another tournament/tournament weekend. A full payment for any player with a sponsor is based on $55 a tournament. The balance owed at a tournament with a partial sponsorship is $27.50, no exceptions.

sponsorship cycle

A sponsor needs to be on our system for six months prior to you being eligible to play in any of our events for FREE or at a discounted rate. Their discounts will be displayed within 24 hours of signing up. Below you will see the breakdown and 'cycle' of tournament eligibility based on when a sponsor joins our system. The following is ONLY based on having ONE sponsor.

September - December (2017): Eligible for Silver Puck Challenge (2018), Hockey Hold'em (2018) and Dekes & Dangles (2019).

January - March (2018): Eligible for Hockey Hold'em (2018) Dekes & Dangles (2019) and Silver Puck Challenge (2019).

April - August (2018): Eligible for Dekes & Dangles (2019), Silver Puck Challenge (2019) & Hockey Hold'em (2019)

two or more sponsors

If you have two (2) sponsors you will be able to play all tournaments for FREE pending when the sponsors sign up.

a benefit to all

If a sponsor chooses to sponsor the tournaments as a whole versus an individual player, a portion of their sponsorship will go towards the operational cost (ie. ice, officials, shirts, give-a-ways, etc.) of running the tournament. The goal is that hopefully in time, with enough sponsors we can even further reduce the cost for teams at our tournaments.


If your sponsor would like to unsubscribe from the program, please use this link below. Thank you.


Sponsor must be in our system for six (6) months prior to you being eligible for a free or discounted tournament. If a sponsor unsubscribes to the AEA Player Card Sponsor program you become ineligible for free or discounted events. Sponsorships are non-transferable to other players. In the event of a weekend being cancelled at Dekes & Dangles, you may apply your sponsorship to the next available tournament/tournament weekend. Besides this one (1) exception, all sponsorships are only valid for one (1) cycle of tournaments. If you choose not to participate in other events, or you are not asked to participate on a team you lose the opportunity to collect on the free or discounted rate at a tournament/tournament weekend. Our AEA Event Sponsors are already listed on AEA Player Cards and are not eligible to be offered this promotions. Below you will see a full list of AEA Event Sponsors that are exclude from this promotion.

Brann's Steakhouse | 5510 28th St SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49512 | Brann's is the primary sponsor of the Silver Puck Challenge. Please join us after your games for lunch or dinner at one of Grand Rapids best Steakhouse!!!
Kings Room | Text 'KRB' to '91944' to receive discounts and specials all year round. Holiday Gift Cards are available. 5 or 10 Haircuts at $14.50 a haircut. Locations in Caledonia, Northland Dr. & Rogers Plaza.
Grand Traverse Distillery | 781 Industrial Cir | Traverse City, MI 49686 | Award winning spirits, tasting room coming soon to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2018. Spirits available in select stores in west Michigan.
For the Kidz Gymnastics | 1391 Gezon Parkway | Wyoming, MI, 49509 | $2.00 Off Admission to Open Gym. Visit our website to see Open Gym times.
American Snowmobiler Magazine | The sport's most trusted magazine for straight-talk reviews and honest tests. Real World Shoot-Out results, performance tips, how-to ideas, travel destinations and news for more than 20 years. Now magazine subscribers get full access to the Web site.
Cosmic Candy | Come in to the Woodland Mall store and show this message and get any two Medium bags of popcorn for $12.99! Our best price of the season! Regular price $7.95 and $8.95 per bag! Don’t miss this great deal.
David Warsen Legacy | SAVE THIS DATE . . . 6th Annual | David Warsen Legacy 5K Run/Hero Walk Date @ EKHS ~ August 11, 2018 | Visit our website for the latest DAVID gear and don't forget to be ready to "Rock the Short Shorts".
The Tin Can | $1 Can in the Can!!! Limit one (1) per visit. On Grandville Ave. between the Intersection and Founders. Redeem for $1 off any Michigan Beer!!! Full Menu Available.

On Your Game Sports | Patterson Ice Center | 2550 Patterson Ave SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49512
LIFE ems | Grand Rapids, Michigan | When every second matters, you deserve expert care – the level of leading care delivered by Life EMS Ambulance professionals. We’re committed to giving our best, while providing medical care during an emergency.
Monelli's Italian Grill and Sports Bar | Wyoming | 5675 Byron Center Ave SW | Wyoming, MI 49519


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