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AEA Waiver Wire


Do you want to play in this year's Silver Puck Challenge or Dekes & Dangles tournament? You don't have a team to play on? Are you telling us you're a Free Agent? We don't want anyone to be excluded if we can help it. This is the AEA Waiver Wire . . . and this is where you can let everyone know that you are available to play in the upcoming Silver Puck Challenge or Dekes & Dangles tournament. This page will be available year round, but the data will be removed immediately after an event to prepare for the next event. Please be sure to be a registered AEA Player before you fill out the form below, but if you are registered, please follow the directions below.

Any player left unclaimed may be claimed by AEA for house teams. Captains will have the first opportunity to claim players from the AEA Waiver Wire.

aea waiver wire directions

players looking for teams

Players looking for teams please use the form below to let captains know you are available. Please be ethical and only be available for tournaments that are at your skill level. Thank you.


Below you will see the complete list of players available for the up and coming Silver Puck Challenge tournament.

AEA Waiver Wire Players

Date Submitted Player Looking Position(s) Bracket(s) Available
17 December 17 Dunne, Catie F Women's
02 December 17 Diepstra, Brooke F,D Women's
02 December 17 Thorington, Cody F,D B
25 November 17 Higgins Conner G B+,B,Rooster
25 November 17 Higgins Conner F,D A,B+,B,Rooster
26 June 17 No Players Available F,D,G

players claimed by teams

Below you will see the complete list of players that HAVE BEEN claimed by captains and the form for captains to claim players. You can see the value of the players listed as Free Agents on our 'Registered Players' page.

Date Submitted Captain Claiming Claimed Player
26 June 17 None Claiming None Claimed

Zach Feldt says:
" Silver Puck will do it to ya!!! "