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AEA All Around Champions

This page is dedicated to those that have competed and won the trio of An Edge Above tournaments. The trio of tournaments currently include; Silver Puck Challenge, Hockey Hold'em and Dekes & Dangles.


Annie Devaney & Nichole Werkema

accomplished: 2018

CREDENTIALS: February 3, 2018 | Annie and Nichole have both been a part of the AEA hockey world for quite some time, both earning hardware for the trophy case along the way. Annie would win her first Silver Puck Challenge title on June 11, 2006 at SPCII with Team Irish of the Women's Bracket, while Nichole would get her first SPC crown on June 10, 2012 at Silver Puck Challenge VIII as a member of Jabackass in the COED division. Both ladies would put their cards on table at Hockey Hold'em II. On August 21, 2016, both Annie and Nichole would lift the Kegger Cup in the air together and add this unique tournament to their list of AEA championships. There would be only one title left on the list to complete the trifecta of events from AEA . . . The ladies have played in many Dekes & Dangles tournaments only to have fallen short multiple times. As the snow began to fall at Dekes & Dangles III on January 3, 2018, Annie and Nichole would have to fight through the weather and a double elimination final to claim the tournament crest and hang their banners as All Around Champions.

Tournament Wins: Annie Devaney | SPCII (W), SPCIII (W), SPCXII (COED), HHII, DDIII (W) | Nichole Werkema | SPCVIII (COED), SPCX (COED), SPCXII (COED), HHII, DIII (W)


Brent A. Belanger

accomplished: 2018

CREDENTIALS: January 6, 2018 | Brent Belanger would become the second AEA champion to achieve overall greatness by winning all AEA tournaments. On June 9, 2013 he would win his first AEA title at Silver Puck Challenge IX. It would be over four years before he would be able to hoist the Kegger Cup as Hockey Hold'em champion. At Hockey Hold'em III on August 20, 2017 he would do just that, and lift that cup above his head. Now a two different tourney champion, Brent would only need one more title to be an All Around Champion. The Dekes & Dangles title was within site and it wouldn't be that long of a wait this time. He would etch his name on a Dekes & Dangles III title and be a part of this new class of champions.

Tournament Wins: SPCIX (B+), SPCIX (COED), SPCX (B+), HHIII, DDIII (C)


Neil Roelofs

accomplished: 2016

CREDENTIALS: August 21, 2016 | Neil Roelofs is the first player to complete the full An Edge Above circuit. With his win at Hockey Hold'em II on August 21st, 2016 he became the first player to complete the trifecta. Neil won an SPC title on June 14th, 2015, a Dekes & Dangles championship on February 13th, 2016. He could have won his first SPC title in 2013, but with an "alarm clock" issue he watched from the sidelines as his team ended up winning the COED Bracket without him. Neil was the sole All Around Champion for 503 days.



"one shy" goalies

There are no goalies in our Dekes & Dangles Pond Hockey Invitational, until these goalies find their groove outside of the crease, they have won all there is to win from An Edge Above. Congratulations!!!


Adam Lussier

accomplished: 2016

CREDENTIALS: August 21, 2016 | Adam Lussier would become the second goalie to achieve the pinnacle of An Edge Above greatness. On August 21st, 2016 Adam would lift the coveted Kegger Cup above his head for the world to see. He won a Silver Puck Challenge championship in 2015 in the COED Bracket. Adam quickly established himself as a goalie of contention when he won an SPC title in his first ever Silver Puck Challenge.



Luke Jonkman

accomplished: 2015

CREDENTIALS: August 16, 2015 | Luke Jonkman was the first goalie to win all available An Edge Above tournaments on August 16th, 2015. Luke won his first Silver Puck Challenge in June of 2013 after many years of making it the finals. It was as if an SPC Title would continue to elude Luke, until the stars aligned and he lead his team to a long awaited championship. Two short years later he would hoist the Kegger Cup above his head and claim the first ever Hockey Hold'em championship. He's always ready to play, especially at 10am on a Sunday morning.

Tournament Wins: SPCIX (B), HHI


2 out of 3 skaters

The following players only need one (1) more championship to achieve the the trifecta of AEA tournaments. The logo on display will let you know what tourney you need to win to accomplish this feat.

Adam Copeland


Brant Morgan

Tournament Wins: SPCIII (B), SPCIX (30+), SPCXI (JEMC), HHI, HHII

Chaslyn Duffek-Gofton


Caitlin Harrison

Tournament Wins: SPCIX (COED), SPCXI (COED), HHI

Craig Fulco

Tournament Wins: SPCXIII (C), HHI, HHII

Jabez Waalkes


Jon Siterlet

Tournament Wins: SPCVIII (B), HHII

James Bond

Tournament Wins: SPCXIII (COED), DDI (COED)

Justin Saunders

Tournament Wins: SPCXIII (B), DDII (C)

Monique Squiers

Tournament Wins: SPCXIII (COED), DDI (COED)

Troy Meiners

Tournament Wins: SPCXII (C), DDII (C)

Zach Feldt


Joshua Vance

Tournament Wins: SPCXII (B+, COED), D&DIII (B)

Stu McLean

Tournament Wins: SPCX (B), SPCXIII (JEMC), D&DIII (B)



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