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Hockey Hold'em Rules

[template_images/img_hh_logo.jpg]All GENERAL rules apply to Hockey Hold'em with the following adjustments to betting your chips and/or winning additional chips.

betting process

When you get in the locker room prior to your game there will be 'betting slips' available. There will 'submission boxes' available to place your slip into. You MUST place your bet prior to entering the ice surface. A Hockey Hold'em staff member will collect your slips after the game begins. If you DO NOT fill out a slip and place it in the 'submission box' we will assume your bet is ZERO. Please be sure to fill out your 'betting slips' completely.

You are ALWAYS betting on YOUR team's success. You are ALWAYS betting on your team to WIN. If you choose to go ALL IN in game one you can. I have also taken out 300 chips for antes already. You will automatically be betting at least a 100 chip each game.

GAME 1: You can bet up to 1000 chips in your first game. After the first game is completed your chip count will be posted in the lobby. You win and you double the chips you bet, you lose and those chips are gone.

GAME 2 & 3: You will be able to see what your chips available are prior to each game. You cannot bet more chips than what you have available to you. If you do submit an amount over the amount you have available, we will assume you are going ALL IN.

Everyone is betting ALL IN for the finals game. There is no need to fill out slips for the finals.

We also do our best to insure that no one will play with the same goalie more than once, and the same skaters more than twice.

additional rules

ante up

If there is a tie between two (2) or more players at the end of round robin play, the player that paid their deposit first will go to the finals on Sunday. Rule established in 2015.

lucky 7's

If your team scores seven (7) goals or more in a game, whether you win or lose, each player will be awarded an additional 100 chips to their chip total. Rule established in 2015.

aces wild

If your team is able to shutout your opponent, each player will be awarded an additional 100 chips to their chip total. Rule established in 2015.

lady luck

Prior to each game, your team will have the opportunity to designate one (1) female player on your team to be the QUEEN of the game. If she scores a goal in your game, AND your team is LOSING, she will receive a bonus goal each time she scores. This player must have a PINK sticker on the top/front portion of their helmet. eg. Score 4-3, Lady Luck scores for the team with 3 goals the new score is 4-5. Rule established in 2016.

cowboy up

In order to increase the competition between goalies, we are adding a new rule just for them. The winning goalie will receive a bonus 100 chips for winning the game and an additional 100 chips for each goal he/she wins by. eg. Final score is 5-2, the winning goalie receives 100 chips for the win, and an extra 300 chips to their total. Rule established in 2016, updated 2017.

split the pot

If multiple players make it to the championship game that have the opportunity to go back-to-back champions they will be separated. One player will play for one team, the other will play for the other team. Unfortunately, this also means that siblings/family members, significant others, husbands and wives will represent different teams. Rule established in 2017.


tournament location


Raymond James Greiner says:
" I got the opportunity to skate in the Hold'em tournament and I'm still passing the word around about how much fun it was. I can't wait for next year's tournament. Definitely a 5 if it can even be rated cuz man, it definitely passed my expectations. Loved it! "