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General Tournament Rules

Below you will find all the GENERAL rules that apply to Silver Puck Challenge & Hockey Hold'em. Located at the bottom of the page you will find all other rules and adjustments for Dekes & Dangles Pond Hockey Invitational, John English Memorial Cup (30+) and COED Brackets.

Tournament Rules

  1. Though this tournament is designed to bring out a high level of competition in its participants, keep in mind that it is still a game. Practice good sportsmanship and remember most of us need to go to work on Monday, so keep it clean.
  2. Tournament directors will support any decisions made by any official. No Protest will be permitted. We do ask that you do bring any situation that arises (whether on or off the ice) to our attention for us to review. We want to insure that the right decisions were made and/or prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.
  3. No skaters or pucks are allowed on the ice while the Zamboni is resurfacing. All skaters and pucks must stay off the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed. A two minute delay of game penalty will be given to the offending player(s) to start the game for the infraction of this rule.
  4. All participants and spectators will be expected to follow the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy. Those found to be in violation by any of the arena staff, officials or tournament directors will be removed immediately from the tournament and the rink. Lost time will not be put back on to the clock.
  5. Damage done to the facility by fans, players or teams will be held responsible for the cost of any property damage resulting from their actions.
  6. Captains have your team ready to go at game time. Game will start promptly when scheduled.
  7. No refunds.

Rosters & Team Rules

  1. 18 player roster (including goalies)
  2. All players must be at least 18 years of age
  3. Players must by 18 years of age as of the opening night of your first game in the tournament.
  4. All players must register online at prior to signing into their first game.
  5. Captains must complete rosters must be received the Friday prior to your first game in the tournament.
  6. All players must sign in prior to playing their first game. These players will be known as "rostered players"
  7. A team will forfeit their game if a "non-rostered" player is found to be playing during that game.
  8. Bring an alternate color jersey if possible.
  9. Be prepared to show ID at anytime.

Game Play & Time Rules

  1. All USA Hockey/MAHA rules apply. (Just like most men''s leagues)
  2. RED/CENTER line Icing
  3. Slap shots ARE allowed.
  4. NO CHECKING permitted.
  5. Fighting is NOT ACCEPTABLE at any of the An Edge Above events. Any player(s) engaging in fighting will result in a one (1) year suspension from all An Edge Above tournaments. A second offense will result in a permanent ban from any An Edge Above event. ''Extreme'' Unsportsmanlike Conduct will be defined as the following; Any player(s) involved in any excessive aggressive and/or violent play/action with the intent to injure a player, official, staff member and/or fan of any An Edge Above event. It will be an immediately banned from any future An Edge Above event. A review will be held to determine if legal actions need to follow. Tournament directors and game time officials will review all situations and reduce/enforce any additional tournament suspensions if necessary. A team caught playing with a suspended player will forfeit the current game being played and all games remaining on their schedule.
  6. Any player receiving a game misconduct will be automatically suspended for THAT game in its'' entirety and the following game.
  7. A suspended player must leave the playing surface/bench immediately. Any delay in departure could result in future disciplinary action.
  8. Guaranteed 3 Games (round robin play)
  9. 12 minute stop clock periods.
  10. 5 goal lead, game clock will be converted to RUN-TIME. If the game is brought back to a 4 goal differential the game clock goes back to STOP CLOCK.
  11. 50 minute games. Game CAN go longer than curfew clock.
  12. 4 penalties to any one player will result in that player being removed from the remainder of that game. This player will be allowed to return and participate in the next game.
  13. 15 or more penalties between the two teams, the officials will convert the game clock to run-time.
  14. No time outs allowed for ANY game, including finals.
  15. In round robin play. The games that are tied at the end of regulation will immediately go to a 3-man shootout, sudden death after the first 3 shooters if still tied. Both teams receive 1 point for the tie, the winner of the shootout receives the additional 2 points for the win.
  16. Players must play in at least ONE round robin game in order to play in Sunday''s finals.
  17. Players must decide which division they will play in. Players WILL NOT be able to jump divisions to play on multiple games; exception is the co-ed bracket.
  18. Tournament directors and officials reserve the right to convert the game clock to run-time under circumstances they deem necessary.

Scoring & Bracket Ranking Rules

  1. Tournament directors or staff will be responsible for calculating and posting all game standings at the rink.
  2. Teams will be ranked within their Bracket/Division based on points obtained during round robin play.
  3. Team with the most points in their Bracket/Division will proceed to the Bracket Championship Game.
  4. Points per game
    1. Win/Shootout Win = 3 points
    2. Loss = 0 points
    3. Tie/Shootout Loss = 1 point
  5. Ranking Criteria (Decides who goes to the finals)
    1. Points
    2. Wins
    3. Head to Head
    4. Similar Opponent
    5. Fewest Goals Against (We reward defense, not running up scores)
    6. Fewest Penalty Minutes (We have used this criteria a few times)
    7. Coin Toss (Never gone this far, hope it doesn''t)

Finals Game Rules

  1. Criteria for deciding a tournament winner.
  2. Winner after regulation play
  3. Tied after regulation play
    1. 1 - 5 minute sudden death period (4 on 4)
    2. Shootout (5 players per team, have your players selected prior to game time)
    3. If shootout ends in a tie, a sudden death shootout will continue until a winner is decided. Each team must go through their entire roster of players before anyone can shoot for a second time.

Other Rules

  1. No non-rostered players or guest are allowed on the bench with a tournament team.
  2. Helmets are required, face shields and face cages are optional.
  3. Tournament directors have the right to refuse the right to any player from participating in any tournament games.
  4. Sponsors and all tournament staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. By participating in this event you accept any and all risk involved with participating in this event. You understand that An Edge Above, sponsors and staff members are not responsible for any injuries or death that may occur while participating in this event.
  6. *All rules are subject to change without notice

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