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Tron Pond

[/template_images/img_tron_pond.png]Welcome to Tron Pond home of the Dekes & Dangles Pond Hockey Invitational!!! Tron Pond is located at For the Kidz Gymnastics on the north side of the road on Gezon Parkway, just west of Clyde Park. Tron Pond was first built in the summer of 2015. The rink is set back behind the gymnastics center in a rustic/wooded environment. There are two heated cabins for participants and guest to change/warm up in during the long tournament days. We also have a "hot zone" with a fire pit and a wood stove. The lighting of the rink is special to the atmosphere, the bulb style lights that hang above and around the rink make it a fun and inviting environment. LED lights in the ice add a special affect to the ice as well.

open skate/hockey rules

Below you will find a complete list and process of what you should expect when visiting Tron Pond.

rink dimensions & process [/tron_pond/img_tron_pond_2016a.jpg]


seasonal check list

Eric Miller says:
" Hands down the best rec league tournaments I've played in. It's always a ton of fun with a lot of solid people without any drama or garbage you find in other settings. "