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Dekes & Dangels Pond Hockey Invitational

There are 316 days, 23 hours, and 28 minutes left.

[template_images/img_dd_logo.png]The Dekes & Dangles Pond Hockey Invitational was established in January 2016. In 2017 we have done some expansions to the Dekes & Dangles environment, with these changes and the multitude of tournament brackets available we look forward to delivering a great pond hockey experience. These tournaments will be 3 vs 3, no goalie, double elimination format*. All games are held at For the Kidz Gymnastics on Tron Pond!

You will be able to see the full history/schedules of our Dekes & Dangles tournaments in our Archives.

tournament dates

January 2019 thru February 2019

Available Brackets: A Bracket, B+ Bracket, B Bracket, C Bracket, COED Bracket, Women's Bracket, & 30+ Bracket

captain's note

When you are creating your team please know the AEA Salary Cap for your desired bracket. From there you will need to stay below the given Dekes & Dangles Salary Cap for the bracket selected for your team. The reason for the AEA Salary Cap is to have more comparison in teams in the tournament, and eliminate "stacked" teams. All players must register online to play in the Dekes & Dangles Pond Hockey Invitational. You can find our full list of registered players with their values on our 'AEA Registered Players' page.


[template_images/img_dd_banner.jpg]Registration: This can be done by simply contacting us by filling out our team registration form. We operate under "Verbal Contract" and integrity. If you say you're putting a team in, or playing on a house team, then please follow through.

registration fees

Fees: $325/team or $300/returning champion (& a pair of hockey socks, old or new)
Tournament Shirt: Additional Fee

tournament format

Format: 3 Games Guaranteed (At least 1 Game on Friday, the rest of the games will be played on Saturday.) It will be run in an ''Iron Man'' format. Double Elimination Bracket Style. Sunday will be for rescheduling purposes only. If we only have four (4) teams we will do a round robin format similar to Silver Puck Challenge.

This tournament is played on a 85' x 50' rink, with different brackets playing on specific weekends. The event is held at For the Kidz Gymnastics in Wyoming, Michigan.

dekes & dangles rules

Rules for the weekend can be found on our D&D Rules page. For the COED Bracket there is an extended set of rules, please visit our COED Rules page also.



captains past & present

dekes & dangles news

Jan 7, 2018
Category: news_dd
Posted by: brent.belanger

Read all of the tournament updates for Dekes & Dangles III now!!!

Sep 1, 2017
Category: news_dd
Posted by: brent.belanger

 It's time to start thinking about your Dekes & Dangles III tournament teams.

Jan 3, 2017
Category: news_dd
Posted by: e7team

JANUARY 7TH, 2017 | During the Dekes & Dagles II season we're going to try to get the public on the ice to enjoy the rink as well. Will the weather stay cold and help us out? We'll have to wait and see.

Dec 15, 2016
Category: news_dd
Posted by: e7team

Reminder to all teams that you must provide a pair of hockey socks as part of your entry fee.

Nov 15, 2016
Category: news_dd
Posted by: e7team

To those that participated in Hockey Hold'em II get a $5 discount off one of their entry fees for Dekes & Dangles II.

Joe VanValkenburg says:
" SPC is 4+. Setup is fantastic, hockey/Saturday between games is a blast, always fun! "