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Hockey Hold'em

[template_images/img_hh_logo.jpg]What is Hockey Hold'em? Hockey Hold'em was created by Brent Belanger in 2015 after several years of conceptualization. The idea of Hockey Hold'em is players will sign-up as individuals, then are divided/drafted between different teams all weekend (3 games) based on their skill level. Each team will be made as equal as possible using the AEA Salary Cap System. The tournament is open to ALL genders and skill levels. Once a player has committed to the event they will receive their base 'chip' amount. Players than gamble these chips on the games they play. They're always betting on their team to WIN. The top 26 skaters and two goalies with the most chips at end of their 3 games will be invited to play in the championship game on Sunday.

In it's inaugural weekend, the tournament went extremely well and participants had a lot fun. It's basically a big drop in hockey weekend, with the ultimate spoils going to the winners . . . a chance to get your name on the Kegger Cup, travel with it, and enjoy it over your lifetime.

tournament dates

August 17, 18 & 19, 2018

Alumni from Hockey Hold'em will have the first opportunity to register. Then it will be open to the public.

You will be able to see the full history/schedules of the Hockey Hold'em tournaments in our Archives.


[template_images/kegger_cup.jpg]Registration: This can be done by simply contacting me on the Silver Puck Challenge members page and using the form below to submit your deposit. Alumni always is allowed to register prior to new players. You will find the list of alumni at the bottom of this page.

GOALIE NOTE: Past goalies offered spots for Hockey Hold'em IV based on previous years and games played. Accepted in the following order, only six (6) goalie openings:

Use the form below to submit your Hockey Hold'em deposit. If you select to purchase a HH'em IV shirt you will need to pay for it and your remaining HH'em registration balance at sign-in. Alex Kellogg was our OVERALL chip champion and will get to play in HH'em IV for free. NO REFUNDS.

registration for hockey hold'em iv open june 15th, 2018

Once you register and pay your deposit a ticket will be created for you for the Hockey Hold'em Draft, and your chips will be added to your name. You can see all the players in the Hockey Hold'em tournament that are 100% in by visiting our 'HH'em Players' page, they will be the names with listed first with a chip total of 1000.

Needs: 78 Skaters & 6 Goalies (6 Team Tournament)

registration fees

We WILL BE accepting registration for HH'em alumni ONLY on June 15th, 2018. On July 15th, 2018 we will open the doors to the public. If you were not part of HH'em I, II or III and you register prior to July 15th, 2018 and the tournament is full . . . there will be NO REFUND because you have been informed. If this is your first time playing Hockey Hold'em please first register with us . . . so we will know your skill level prior to the draft. Thank you.

Fees: $55/individual or $30/returning champion
Tournament Shirt: Additional Fee

tournament format

Format: This tournament is full ice, full equipment and played at Southside Ice Arena in Byron Center, Michigan. The top 26 skaters and 2 goalies will be re-drafted and put into two teams for the Championship on Sunday. 3 Games Guaranteed (1 Game on Friday, 2 Games on Saturday. If you make it . . . Championship Game on Sunday)

special rules

The full breakdown of Hockey Hold'em rules can be found on our Hockey Hold'em Rules page.



hockey hold'em alumni

Aaron Ala, Michael Alvey, Garrett Avery, Rex Beach, Brent Belanger, James Bond, Jared Byker, Jon Byker, Karen Cardwell, Christina Carlson, Adam Copeland, Tyler Copeland, Annie Devaney, Jason Devroy, Devon Dubious, Nick Duesbery, Chaslyn Duffek-Gofton, Catie Dunne, Brent Evans, Zach Feldt, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Blake Flikkema, Wendy Foy, Craig Fulco, Jaycee Garrow, Rich Grant, Raymond, Greiner, Troy Grove, John Habel, Chris Hall, Steve Hannahs, Matt Herman, Caitlin Harrison, Connor Higgins, Cam Hill, Scott Hubbard, Lisa Hustosky, Stephan Hyde, James Jett, Matt Johnson, Joe Jonkman, Brad Kammers, Tony Karczewski, Jerrica Kaye, Aubrey Kies, Alex Kellogg, Jim Kellogg, Bob Kling, Ryan Kooima, Jamie Larson, Ryan Larson, Lauren Lavasile, Addie Levin, Jared Levin, David Lyons, Adam Martinez, Darren Martucci, Lindsay Mierzwinski, Joe Mierzwinski, Brant Morgan, Kyle Musante, Robert Otis, Paul Penninga, Tanner Pratt, Andrew Rahe, Michael Ramirez, Dave Robarge, Taylor Roberts, Neil Roloefs, Sander Romers, Mike Rothley, Richard Rowell, Amanda Rumsey, Anthony Scaturro, Brad Schultetus, Jordan Schwartz, Jon Siterlet, Tim Sena, Andy Skiver, Brent Smith, Jesse Smith, Kris Smith, Brandon Sopjes, Tyler Stokes, Mo Squiers, Sara Taylor, Cam Tuinstra, Josh Vance, Brian Van Der Heide, Rani Vitali, Kyle Vulpetti, Sarah Vulpetti, Jabez Waalkes, Trent Warning, Beth Wassink, Rebecca Wheeler, Nichole Werkema, Mark Wiltgen, Nicole Zenk | Goalies: Gabe Bolen (G), Shannon Hole (G), Jordan Kubiak (G), Luke Jonkman (G), Adam Lussier (G), Nate Petter (G), LB Sullivan (G), Travis Waigand (G), Sam Whittaker (G)


tournament location

hockey hold'em news

Aug 20, 2017
Category: news_hh
Posted by: brent.belanger

Thank you to everyone involved in Hockey Hold'em III!!!!

Jul 14, 2017
Category: news_hh
Posted by: brent.belanger

Now that our veterans have had their chance to register for Hockey Hold'em III we are now accepting new members.

Jun 15, 2017
Category: news_hh
Posted by: e7team

This the formal invitation to all PAST Hockey Hold'em participants. If your name is on this list you will have 30 days to get your deposit in, and be registered to play in Hockey Hold'em III.

Aug 21, 2016
Category: news_hh
Posted by: e7team

Thank you to everyone that participated in this years Hockey Hold'em II tournament. We had a blast and survived the tornado that hit west Michigan.

Kyle Musante says:
" I thought overall it was really Great! I will be back next year for sure! You do a great job on running every tournament you do! "