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Silver Puck Challenge

[template_images/img_spc_logo.png]The Silver Puck Challenge is held over the first two weekends of June. The event was started in June 2005 and has been running strong since. We are always looking for new faces and teams, just as much as we enjoy seeing the alumni groups return year after year.

You will be able to see the full history/schedules of the Silver Puck Challenge tournaments in our Archives.

tournament dates

June 1, 2 & 3: A & B+ Brackets
June 8, 9, & 10, 2018: JEMC (30+) & Rooster Cup (COED)
June 15, 16 & 17, 2018: B & C Brackets

captain notes

CAPTAINS NOTE: When you are creating your team please visit our "AEA Salary Cap" page to see the full breakdown for players and teams and please keep your team within our salary cap limits. Make sure you pay attention to the NEW values for 2018. Please make sure all of your players are registered in our system as well. With the expansion and interest in the Silver Puck Challenge we have created the "AEA Waiver Wire" which is a place where individuals looking to play will be listed. These players can be picked up by captains if they so desire. A couple weeks before the actual event takes place we will have the "Bracket Selection" drawing done "LIVE" for everyone to enjoy and see what their opening night schedule and brackets will look like.


Registration: This can be done by simply contacting us by filling out our team registration form. We operate under "Verbal Contract" and integrity. If you say you're putting a team in, or playing on a house team, then please follow through.


registration fees

Fees: $600/team or $500/returning champion

tournament format

Format: This tournament is a full ice, full equipment, round robin style tournament played at Patterson Ice Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

silver puck challenge rules

Rules for the weekend can be found on our SPC Rules page. For the COED Bracket there are an extended set of rules, please visit our COED Rules pages also.


tournament location

silver puck challenge news

Feb 5, 2018
Category: news_spc
Posted by: brent.belanger

Silver Puck Challenge XIV Registration is now OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!

Dec 1, 2017
Category: news_spc
Posted by: brent.belanger

Who will be inducted into the AEA Hall of Fame in 2018? You can VOTE now!!!

Jun 13, 2017
Category: news_spc
Posted by: e7team

Thank you to all of those involved in Silver Puck Challenge XIII. The ARCHIVES are written and now we look forward to SPCXIV!!!!

Mar 4, 2017
Category: news_spc
Posted by: e7team

Silver Puck Challenge XIII update - AEA Waiver Wire, Rooster Cup Logo, Schedule of Events, SPC Tournament Team Needs, SPCXIII Shirt Orders, AEA Salary Cap and AEA Glossary.

Feb 1, 2017
Category: news_spc
Posted by: e7team

We are now OFFICIALLY accepting teams for this year's Silver Puck Challenge XIII tournament at Patterson Ice Center!!! June 2017, get your teams in NOW!!!

Zach Feldt says:
" Silver Puck will do it to ya!!! "